Best player to get for around 250k?

Who do y’all think? Melo? Vince? Anybody else pd Harden?

Harden, Bird, Magic, Kareem

Seen last bid for melo for 190k, but feel he will go down to 150ish soon. I just bidded on Vince but more so because I wanna have that all star feel lol

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Do you still rate bird? Some people love him, some don’t. Wish I had magic but he goes for a lot

For that amount of MT I woukd get 2 players instead, Malone and Baylor

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I have Worthy and Diamond Bron. I feel like with all these cheap Ruby and Amy sleepers I can fill out my team and be fine. I made pd last round without anything too crazy.

I want one huge piece though might be able to sell somebody and have around 330-350k. I wonder if this is enough for Tmac and if he’s worth it? Magic is an option but I already have somebody kinda similar in Lonzo coming off my bench.

I grabbed diamond Karl Malone with a diamond SWB, off dribble mid, open shot 3, driving layup, and shot close shoe on i think that shoe is tailor made for him. 99 open shot 3 with a 93 off dribble mid and has 87 speed with ball. I play him at the 3 and he’s unstoppable.

Get a 97 LeBron with diamond Kyrie’s or +9 SWB +9 Open 3 shoe.

Yea do what I did and buy a couple players with really good diamond shoes. I have diamond Kobe, Derozan, and AD with red Kyries and Elgin with UAs. All except AD become 99 OVRs with AD being a 98 still. 97 Lebron with those shoes would be nice too. You’re getting 99’s for half the price or less of a PD. It’s been pretty fun but I may be selling these guys soon so I can sell off my MT for this year.

I’ve thought about putting him there because he’s so incredibly fast… he really does okay there?