Best player for white Kobes?

I just pulled white kobes (+9 Layup +9 shot close +9 open 3 +9 off dribble mid +9 speed with ball) and im wondering which player I should put these on. Im thinking about Malone or Hakeem right now but can’t tell what would be the best option

I personally prefer to put the shoes on reward cards. If i really want Malone with those shoes i can buy him of the AH.

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I have Malone with those and he’s awesome.

Not diamond Dwight or diamond Curry please. Rest is fine :yum:

malone,ad,boogie etc any strech pf or c

This shoe is perfect for diamond Larry Bird.

No, open 3 is wasted on Larry Bird.

Bird needs offdrible 3 and swb so grey-orange Nikes.


Bird desperately needs driving layup upgrade and this shoe provides it along with swb.

Exactly and ball control

Imo, the Grey Kobes were made for Larry Bird. The white Kobes are better used on Malone or even Cousins imo.

I would say jason richardson
Open 3 92-99
Driving layup 92-99
Shot close 96-99
Off dribble mid 93-99
Speed with ball 87-96

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Yeah I 100% agree on this. I dont buy VC so this is literally the only diamond shoe I owned this year and I’d prefer to put it on a reward card but idk, I feel like most attributes would be wasted on Hakeem…

and for diamond AD

I thought the Red Dunking Shoe Jordans is best for Bird?

That is for pd Bird probably.
Diamond dunks more than enough when u speedboost him.

Melo! His layup is a 95 swb is 90. Open 3 will
Go to a 99

I thought about Melo too but I suck with him, his release is definitely not for me.

Melo can only wear Jordans i think

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I feel you, and i did for a while too. But once you get his release down (don’t get me wrong it does take time to master) he’s a complete demigod. I have one w the shoe that gives him 99 Driving Layup, 99 Ball Control, 99 Draw Foul, and 2 passing stats that are irrelevant. The 99 BC and driving layup are OP on him. I most notice the DL. He can go up and around on anyone, he rarely gets blocked, and almost any animations goes him. He’s become the best driver on my team (I have diamond T-mac, and D-rose), obviously besides dunking.

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