Best player 50k

Who is the absolute best player to grab for 50k right now ?

Melo, bird, KAJ, Hakeem, MJ, Kobe etc?


Kareem if you need a big

Bird better than kawhi?

Bird wasn’t good for me, I was trying to use him as a spot up shooter. Just copped Kawhi for 38k but he’s around 50k. I would say Kawhi, Melo or Klay. If you can Yao

Kawhi is excellent

But Bird is bigger and has a faster release and one of the best behind the back packages in the game


Kaj over yao?

Both op but kareem. I got both in my lineup with Moses. Kareem is a all around player

Yao has the more OP go-to move—his fade is a gotdamn problem

Kareem more complete player

Go with Kareem since I have Oscar ?
Or get both Larry and Opal Magic for same cost. Already have Oscar and Russ for PGs and I also really like the DR J card

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Larry Legend

guy, go with whoever you prefer these are all excellent cards

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Got bird and magic for 44k

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I’ve pretty much had every OP card besides GO Giannis and the card I was sleeping on the most and was super late to get was MVP KAWHI , this card just makes the crucial plays and gets open at the right time

Damn he was going super cheap last night too. Gotta work on that MT flow

I’m running them as my 1 and 2. Killer duo. I still cant get over Magic’s dunks. :flushed::flushed:

Prob gonna get them together in TTO with Moses. Thought about putting magic as my PF no joke

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I also have to chime in with a “save up for” suggestion. KD. His Gopal is from another planet.

Magic + Bird + KD + Moses + Sabonis = I dont need a bench bc my opponents rage in the first 2 mins.

Lol I was saving for him and then I got bird and Oscar. Still really want KAJ since I have Oscar. got too many PGs with picking up magic

Probably yao by tomorrow night

Don’t forget about cowens, I got him in the dou pack and oh my god he’s a god! All you guys weren’t wrong he’s a monster