Best playbooks/plays for corner 3s?

New to running plays so open to just good plays/playbooks in general

Learn you offensive movement

You can get corner 3s a lot without plays, wings 3s with plays are money though

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The run 3-2 offense 4-1?

QUICK 32 BOX FLARE is the easiest play for corner 3s


What playbook is that

Spurs playbook got it.

Heat playbook and magic playbook has it as well

Good plays to learn out of cavs playbook?

Well why don’t you try them and learn them and then you’ll know.

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Fist 51 hawk

The warriors or Lakers have quick 3 elevator, good for corners, and they have a lot of branches, the 75 knicks have two really quick hitting 3 point plays, mostly always get open, cavs playbook have quick 51 fist something, basically a down screen from the corner to the wing, while you run off a pick in the other direction, i have to learn alot of different playbooks because tmac doesnt have 3 point plays