Best playbooks for SG 3pt plays

I’m looking for a few reliable 3pt plays for the SG position. What playbook would you recommend for that? I’ve used the Celtics so far, but there are only 2 plays I like and one of them is not available to some of my players.

Warriors. Quick 2 zip hammer, quick 2 circle, zipper 23 flare and so on.


I think ppl here like Warriors, Mavs, Magic, Hawks, Knicks

If I were you I’d look thru the playbook glossary on your MyTeam, note the teams with a lot of 3pt plays, then go run it in MTU and see if you like them. The most common playbooks are predictable by good players, so it is better to find a diamond in the rough than ask the forum. BOL

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This :+1:


Where is this from?

@Hemmi2k created those.
I just wanted to show similarity of the 3 books (which i’m also using)


Has he made them for every team?

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Thanks man, that’s super cool. Thanks @Hemmi2k!


You’re asking for plays that have 3pt actions for the SG and not necessarily called for the SG. I.e. a Punch Loop called for big that gives loop cut for 3 to whomever is slotted at SG?

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Actually I meant uncomplicated, swift plays that are meant for the SG, like quick 3 STS and quick 43 series from the Celtics’ book.

Magic playbook for me. Nice quick 3pt plays.

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Hawks/Magic playbooks works pretty nice in terms of 3pt plays

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There also op plays like Fist 81 out in those books. Pretty easy to go ones so check those out as everyone mention above.

Thanks everyone! I have plenty options to work with.

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If you do go with the magic book. The top plays for an SG with 3 point plays are:

Quick 4 horns flare, Quick 3 scizzor (Not all players have this one) , and quick 3 rip floppy.

Iso 32 Quick -> call for player for the fastest look, also provides good looks for the the other two small players in your lineup.

Iso 3 quck -> essentially the same play but the center is going to make a harder screen, lose the second option though

Other: (incase your player doesnt have plays or just to keep opponents on their toes)

Fist 71 Down -> Call for a PG with gaurd PNR plays, Big and Other gaurd will screen. Other gaurd will get a look at the 3.

Lots of other good plays but these are the primary ones to get a 3 pt shot with a SG.

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Knicks 1000%. Playbook isn’t fair once you master it


Warriors Playbook – Give 3 Curl. Absolute :moneybag:

Punch Loop 25 (or whatever it’s called) is a post up play for a big, but it’s super quick and uncomplicated. I think everyone uses it as a 3pt play (in a ton of playbooks including warriors)

Basically, you call it, and two bigs set screens at each free throw line elbow, and your SG runs across them for the double screen, and pops out on the 3pt wing. It’s one of the fastest action 3pt plays actually.

There’s another Punch flare something play in Hawks/rockets (and others) which is even faster. You call the play for the center, he sets a quick screen at the top of the 3pt line, and your SG runs around him for an open wing 3.

I like this one too, this is the one im currently working on mastering.