Best playbooks for my team

best playbooks for MTU


miss his stream and shit talking about this game

Lol Bucks

Try different series too.

u kno which are like the top 3 so i can try multiple


Celtics is my favorite

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Series I like:

Clippers 25 Horn
Giannis series
Luka Series

All of those playbooks have good money plays

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The best series :
Hondo is here :rofl:

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Lmao facts Im running the Danny Ferry series

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im using bucks. in current gen if you know how to speed boost glitch, explosive behind the back, spamming curry slides, and some other dribble glitch shits, you dont need any plays seriously. just ask for screen, or some free style plays.

The Blazers one is very fun to use, Sabonis and Bol Bol are perfect for this one. @Ddrop remembers me Sabonis team :joy:

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There is no best playbook for MTU. There is what you can use best & it is very personalized.

Every book has money plays you can use for spesific players, you need to try & see which one works for the guy you wanna run it for. Change your playbook in every offline game, test all out. 1-2 plays in a book noone uses is at your advantage.

@2K-Guru-No10000000 Don’t reveal what i told u lol. That’s my go to play.


Folks still sleep on classic books :yawning_face:

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I like Bucks for the 5 out. But also Punch 5 out Hawk and Quick 5 out 3 are some lethal plays with lots of movement.

Clippers book great


Cavs. All not bad

Trailblazers pretty good

I really like the 98 Jazz playbook, RCAtheGreat has a great video on it

Why is the Pelicans playbook expensive?