Best playbook for Big Men?

Running most of my offense through opal Drob at center and Boogie at PF. Mostly been using Freelance 1 and Flow.

I’m using the Raptors playbook, not sure if there’s something in a different playbook that would help me utilize my bigs better?

I use Hawks.
There’s only so much that post plays can do.
Hawks playbook has great low, high and guard post up plays that provide good spacing and quite a few of them have offball screens for 3pts happening.
Imo, except for spacing, the best thing you can get from post plays is screens in the paint that force switches.

Hawks is pretty similar to Magic/Wizards playbook, btw.
But most people just use standard 3pt plays.

Spurs is also similar and has good plays.
Try them out in 2KU.

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I use bucks, philly01, and hawks

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