Best Playbook for 3s

Best Playbook for 3s

Trying to spread my 3s about for evolving all positions; Frye, Robinson, Raef etc. Just wondering whats the best playbook and play for spreading everyone out so I can just choose who the PG dishes it out to?

Heat 13 has some good plays, the Quick Flares, the Quick Flexes too

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Blazers is good. Warriors, Celtics

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Which blazers plays do you recommend for big man 3s?

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Did u find any 5 out plays in that heat playbook

2 Blazers plays for big man 3’s are:

Quick 1 Chest - put a relatively quick player at PF like Chuck (Rifleman) Peason and designate the play for him. Be patient on the pass until the loop is nearly complete and will be wide open for a 3.

Punch 35 Rip - for a shooting Center. Doesn’t always work, but typically will end up with a C wide open 3 pointer or a PG on the C. See how the defense reacts to the Center pick before making the pass to him.


If you can run the 5 out series with that book to slightly be able to be close to the 5 out formation enough to somewhat get the spacing but nothing in that book will give you the proper spacing needed to sit back and dribble cheese into the paint sadly… that’s really the only way to get the paint cleared with that book

Ill try this bro. Thanks


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I labed it up. fist high 14 will get you the proper spacing 5 out from that Miami 13 book Dominique wilkens has the play in his set


I try to atleast know how to do it right I play sim style so I tend to not run that way but it’s good to know because most thst play that way can’t actually stop it if someone does it back

What are some other good plays in there I only want that book cause I think cut 5 give alley I’s the best play in the game

32 box flair for 3s, a couple of the quick plays are good they just take time to develop, fist 92 side is basically an open lane to the basket or a double screen three and a few of the cut plays are nice for easy 2 or cuts, I know the type of style you play tho and I don’t think the longer developing three pt plays would fit it, Knicks would prolly fit you better but it doesn’t have 5 out so that defeats the purpose

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How are you using cut 5 give alley? Just for a standard alley oop?

No I rush one side with ball handler then pass lead center into corner for a 3 coming off the pick

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I remember in 18 you were great with it for Harden! Sucks that this year we can only run a real C for that play

Last year was even better wit Gilbert at C n his quick shot. Right now I got robinson who runs pretty fast n shoots quick

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Not a playbook but Flow freelance is pretty good for 3’s. Especially for the guards.

Not that I can recall but I may be wrong, anyone else find 5 out plays in Heat 13?

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