Best playbook for 3pt plays besides Warriors?

I tried the Rockets and a couple others but I’m still looking. Warriors is too expensive. And a lot of them have very little plays. Rockets had 0 plays for Kareem and like 2 3pt plays.


Pelicans. Quick 3 Up Fist, Quick 43 Flare, Punch 34 Fist, Fist 35 Flow etc.

Of you’re looking cheap, Nets or Wizards but Wizards is the same as Rockets.


any playbook that has Punch Loop 25. You can run something for almost every player on the court with that one play.

I like the Nets. I’m a big fan of Quick 3 Rip Floppy

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Yep I forgot Punch Loop 25 and Punch Loop 43. Both are nasty if not spammed (and sometimes against weaker players can be spammed for all 4 quarters)

if you like punch loop 25, you should have a look at the iverson series. 2K Kingslayers made a good video on it


Quick 1 Flex, Celtics book but not all 3p play owner cards can use it. I saw with JR, KD. Fast, effective cuz it has 2 passing options one in the corner, one from arc for SG and SF.


What’s the Iverson series? A freelance?

even if it’s spammed, there’s enough different choices to make it pretty unstoppable.

Last night I had 4 alley-oops in a row in the first quarter, then used it to shoot open 3s. Guy rage quit

It’s not exactly a freelance. It’s a new feature of 2k19.

Basically, all play start the same with some variation to confuse your opponent.
In the iverson series, all the plays start with a loop, and then different branches will be triggered.


I’ll check it out. Thanks

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Wizards always was the same as Magic

Not anymore. Rockets playbook was updated in 2K and a glitch spread over to MyTeam

Which playbook has these?

Cavs, Celts, Mavs, Pacers, and Pels have both