Best pink diamond

Would you guys say giannis is the best pink diamond in the game/best player to build around

Toss up between him and magic as there is no other similar players


Yeah, him or Magic Johnson.

Depends if you chuck threes Magic is cuz he has size and dimer

Thats though. Personally i like magic first. Then blake tbh. But thats just me. Kareem is up there too

Grant Hill


I currently have pink Ben Wallace pink Blake griffin and diamond Chris Mullen you guys think I should sell them off for giannis?

Hold blake

JR Smith or C Web

Giannis if you’re good with the sticks easily

Yeah sell Mullen and Wallace don’t sell blake

I got Magic and he is crazy around the rim. Yams it on guys all over the place and his defence/steals are ridiculous. His shooting is solid but if you are chucking up shots with Magic you are doing something wrong.

Blake is way too good to sell. His 3pt shooting is crazy for me. And rebounds like his life depends on it lol

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Yeah Blake with gold limitless and a shoe is op

Cp3s hes knock down. And he alley oops with crazy ease

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No one will agree with me on this but I think Giannis or Jordan. No one scores better than Jordan and he has 7 HOF badges and is better on defense than he is on offense.

Is Blake’s hands stat low? Sob bobbles the rock too much, giving the defense time to contest.

Jordan been pulling up for that stupid ass middie when he’s supposed to take flight. Bout to sell his ass. Or maybe all of these damn pds I been trying is really equalizing me.

I have 250 mt after selling both Mullen and Wallace what would you guys di

I can still also sell Blake