Best Pink Diamond reward?

Best Pink Diamond reward?

I have West, Ewing, & Gervin.
Anybody got any suggestions?

Not Mullin

Step outside? :wink:

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Sweet advice dude.

How’s Gervin? I’ve got enough shooters at SG, and he looks like a beast at attacking the rim.

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That’s all he can do, but it’s unstoppable.

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Good enough for me. Mullin or Ewing would be my next pick after him, mainly because I want to replace Artis/ Rice but my Spurs bias has me leaning towards Gervin.

Plus, slashing is really important this year.

His dribble moves are terrible

Not bad. Happy to see youre working out. Since you took my question serious I will answer your question as well. I am not ripped by any means, but I am also not a slouch. Somewhere in between. Definetly fitter than most.

Thread took a weird turn

English though


See? So is there a point to put some shit like that on a video game forum? Nah there isn’t.

I think 3 of my ex girlfriends had that tat

Lol! They had a genghis khan quote.

Um, ok.

Hey it’s annoying when ppl talk shit and they don’t know anything about the person.

I can dig it, i think

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None look great or have good badges. TBH I only really want Ewing or West but alot of ppl didnt like West. Mullin looks good but too one dimensional for a PD

Get George next. You can’t stop his slashing, regardless of how bad his dribbling is.