Best PGs in MyTeam?

Hey guys! I decided to sell my Glitched TMac and plan to get a much cheaper PG. I love that Glitched TMac card but selling him would get me a lot of MT… I got Evo‘d Ben on the bench. Which PG would y‘all recommend? Would prefer a shooter with good dunk animations. My first thought is GO Oladipo but I think his height might be a problem…

shooter AND dunker? thats hard for a tall guy. big O but hes not much taller than oladipo. im partial to hedo but hes not the best slasher. if you can handle slow releases simmons and magic are great. and pd wes is great at both

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Thanks for the reply! I totally forgot about PD Wes, guess I will just get him

Pd Wes is the best budget cut for replacement. D Wade comes 2nd if you wanna save more.

I like Ben with his height and crazy defense but would be good to put a lot of shooters and scorers with him like this

PD Wes

Damn didn’t see you already had Ben lol

Glitched Hedo a solid option
But Wes the move

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yeah wes is just a better shorter hedo. wes is insane

Wes and I like Oladipo for some reason xX

Dunking and shooting, opal JR is your man

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