Best pg out of these 3 from your experience?

Go ben simmons, glitched giannis, or go campus legends magic?

What yall think? I havent tried magic this year and im hesitant about keeping a non evo simmons since i dont plan on evolving him and giannis seems better at slashing

ben can slash!!! One simple crossover and he’s at the rim


Glitch giannis crossover isn’t that great I’d say Simmons


Glitched Giannis is the most explosive and can score you the most points

Magic is the best PG


aaaaaa the classic oversized slashing pg question from about 3 months ago until now. lets lay it out

Magic - Pro 3 BTB is great. He moves like secratariat down the court and he is long af. He has the worst release of the 3 imo and the rest of his dribbles are bad to unusable. somehow that btb propels him enough tho

Simmons - Very similar story to Magic’s except he has a slightly better release than magics imo and he has pro 8 cross instead of pro 3 btb.

Giannis - The best imo. the longest, he has the most glitchy get down the court move (btb), best defender of the three, and the best release


Simmons can not stop magic going to the rim

I know first hand lol

Magic was the one card I feared going to the rim with Simmons


I personally am not a fan of any of these cards.

Ben is a great slasher, ok dribbler, ok shooter. If I had to pick one of those three to be great at, it would be dribbling, followed by shooting. Slashing anyone can do at this point.

Giannis is fun, but again he runs into problems similar to Ben. I do prefer his jumper a bit more, but it certainly isn’t amazing.

Magic is probably the best real ball handler, which in turn also helps with slashing. Jumper is my least favorite of all.

If these were my only choices, I’d go Magic. That being said, there are so many cards I’d take over them. LeBron, Draymond, Wade, Thon, Isaac, probably even Penny. (My favorite card this year is penny so take that w/ a grain of salt)

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I had magic for a while and I’m not sure I’ve used a better pg this year only used diamond Ben and non PG giannis

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Can’t go wrong with any of the three. Cl Magic’s release is a struggle at first but can be learned, can rim run, amazing handles and often surprise its user with unexpected plays, 2k made the CL card so good that the Goat version is slightly an improvement. Ben has hof limitless evo’ed and has a subjectively better release but not a threat from deep, can defend well though. Glitched giannis is still good and glitchy and for a pd can hang with any opal pg.

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I’ve used them all and I’d still say Glitched Giannis is the best card he has the cheesy btb, hop step & good release plus elite on defense.

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I haven’t used Ben, but I have both the Glitched Giannis and CL Magic and they’re equally as good IMO. Magic has the BTB which allows him to rim run like not many others in the game, with better overall stats (including his 3pt). Giannis has the hop step, a better release and is taller (with a big player build).

I run them both in my god squad

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I just picked up Simmons cause I kinda wanna lock for Kg

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I’ve owned all 3. Sold off Ben because he’s a slower version of Magic basically with worse defense. Magic is the premier PG in this game and Glitched Giannis comes off of the bench because he’s a matchup nightmare against anyone with those glitchy animations.

I like to post my Magic and work from there if the other guy is using a weak or small PG. Also it’s easy to PnR with any big and BTB as soon as you cross half court which will either give you a lane with Magic or an open big.

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