Best PG build with HOF shooting

I typically run the one in pro am 3v3 and the two in pro-am 5v5, looking to make a new build because my offensive threat can’t hold his own on defense.

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Main ball handler or 3 and D ?

green/yellow on ball. green/red for offball


You can play with me and Fra to earn badges on a 3 and D

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I’m the primary ball handler in 3v3 and secondary in 5v5

Play shot (yellow & green) unless you don’t care about your height you could make an offensive threat (blue & green)

Playmaking shot creator. You can make one 6’5 I think (1.98 in Europe) with 7 defensive badges, also more if don’t care about conclusion.
If you are able to green with low 3pt you can try the 2way slashing playmaker, but in my opinion the shot creator is better.

make a BP build

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