Best pg and sf duo for 600k?

What would be the best pg and sf / pg and sg combo for 600k?

the best pg sf duo is ben simmons and goat t-mac/ kawhi

If you can time it right nib Ben and goat lebron

edit:on Xbox

simmons and idk where sf/pf goat giannis is but if you can get him

LaMelo and GOAT Giannis or KD.

nah ben is better than lamelo and that would cost 800k

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not sure i agree about ben being better but that is over budget

it depends on if u use pro 8 enough. if ur a cheeser who wants to abuse pro 8 then ben is your guy but if ur an average player than i would take lamelo

How much is ben simmons on ps4 now?

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Goat MJ and pippen (MJ can play pg)

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this is just wrong imo