Best PF in the game?

Who’s your guys fav to use at the 4?

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Webber for me, easy answer.

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KG, POrzingod, AK47 and Karl as my point guards

McHale for actual PFs.




Trust me on Duncan.




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4 7

Actual PF: KG
OOP: D Rob

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Kinda like KG, he does well against me all the time. Don’t like Duncan’s release

On offense Malone or C-Webb.
On defense Timmy or KG.

If I had to choose one, it would probably be KG. He has everything - height, smooth release, good speed and most hof badges of all of them.

My favorite is opal kg

Timmy D, dawg.

Moses Malone. That’s all

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I miss that card I could not miss with him lol that jumper was nice!

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I just picked him up and slapped cp3s on him- fantastic card.

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Drob has been my best, AD makes the most contact dunks out of any card I’ve had also. Kg is great.

GO Giannis

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larry legend for me

KG or AD, I like running Simmons there too. Id use Giannis there too if I had him

McHale no contest!

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Best natural PF is McHale

Best player to run out of position is Shaq

Simmons distant 3rd

Moses/KG honorable mention

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