Best PD Rewards?

Carlo said his release was slow as hell! So mad because last year he had melo’s release and one of the best dribblers in myteam: And in 18 was one of my favorite cards!

Now this year, he’s apparently not good!

mostly all diamond rewards rn and 1 card from TT offline i think (jamal crawford.Ill have serge soon tho as i hit 400 wins last night and probably will grind to 500 this weekend

My son has Jamal Crawford! That card is nice!

I love the card as well. Sadly haven’t had enough time to grind him to PD because I love the card and I heard a few friends say he gets to run at PG as well with PD upgrade. When I get Serge he will be my first PD card. I have to also level that 750 card level Isiah as well to diamond yet lmao

It’s not that slow tbh, his hop shot is unguardable. Not to mention dunk city. Once he gets takeover it’s gg

i kinda am interested in that card as well. I was hoping gervin would be good and baylor but idk. i gotta decide on who to get yet
richmond looks kinda decent to me but idk if i want him yet or not

Gervin correct?

I dig that but could you give me a more specific idea on what players you have?

You’ll get a better recommendation when the people making recommendations know what your squad’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Hard to spend your free time, grinding cards you had to grind for that you you can’t sell.

Not only are rewArd evo cards hard to grind because you can’t sell them.

Not only can you not sell them, but you could be evo’ing up something else you could sell.

That’s how I think about them, Only spotlight challenge reward I’ve got evo’d up is kg, that’s because he was the best defending big man at the time, so I used his ruby as my starting center.

yeah. i havent had a whole lot of time to play at all. i spend most of my time working so the little time i have to play i will i guess

PG’s : Cousy, Jason Williams(till i get crawford evolved)
SG’s: Drazen, Ellis, and I think Drexler
SF: Glenn Rice(I want someone better than him tho tbh), and I think i usually run a sg that has secondary SF
PF: Larry johnson and jerry lucas
Centers: Pau and Artis

I also use crawford too of course but since im not home rn i cant think of the others.

Oh no, barry D my bad

Given the squad you have now I would suggest Alex English or Elgin Baylor to give you a boost at SF. I would also suggest considering Isiah Thomas or Jerry West as they are both better than each of your PG options imo

Literally no pd token reward is worth redeeming right now. Isiah was few days ago but now we have the spotlight one with exactly the same stats and gold quick draw. Ewing is ok but I used amy D-Rob in my 12-0 run over him so what’s the point. Jerry West is good too, but again, why spend tokens on him when John Wall is better. And I have all three of them (+ Mullin) so it’s not that I’m guessing, I used those cards. Just save your tokens guys, maybe they’ll update the rewards soon.


Elgin Baylor is very good

This is the right answer. After amy Magic there aren’t really any cards worth spending tokens on that couldn’t be easily replaced by an actionable card

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I have to agree. Every other PD is already outdated, has shit badging or is undersized. Ewing looks like the real deal, for now at least

I’d say except Jerry Lucas, who has one of the best and most reliable releases in the game and is great in the post on both sides.

I gotta get him next. I think him and Pd Drummond will be nice off the bench

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