Best PD Rewards?

Almost to the PD tier and by the time I finish All Time Dom I should be very close I have 6 of 10 diamonds,I have 19 all time games left and I’m almost up to 250 wins in TT offline. What are the best PD rewards to get? I’ve heard a friend of mine who got Isiah and English saying they were both very good cards so I’m thinking those two look interesting for me as well as Ewing or West… Any suggestions

A random auctionable ruby is probably better


your not wrong lol

IT for sure.

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He seems really great from what I’m hearing. I definitely will get him for sure


Does anyone use Mark Price ? how is he?

Little to no D.


he is so small and soft


you guys killed me :rofl:

The office is my favorite show ever… my colleague didn’t understand why I was laughing so loud alone in my office…


interesting how good is he? been wanting to know

When will they realistically add new rewards cards? I’m only half way through Amethyst and just now going through Historic Dom. Should I stack tokens and wait?

Gilmore is the only Diamond I really hear people talking about. Moncrief and Jones look good defensively. It seems the consensus is that PD rewards are not really that good.

Last year it was added in January if I’m not mistaken

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im currently now at pd tier so question is with these new cards added (legacy mark price and the other new isiah what do i do? I feel so confused rn bc these cards are already getting upgrades or slightly worse versions so im confused on if i should wait or not

IMO the only choice is Ewing. Great defense, solid post game. No need to worry about the lack of quick draw or first step since you just need him to lock down the paint and get putbacks/post up smaller players.


English is the only one I want, maybe cowens for the lulz


honestly even with a better version of ewing possibly he should be still a nice card i think

I got I.T and Ewing and gonna stop there.

What’s your squad looking like?

I got Wes unselfish last night! Been sitting on over 150 tokens for a week. Finally said screw it, I’ll try this fool! I don’t care that he’s 6’7 and can only play center. There’s no cards on that board that I would want to use. I’ve got Mark price and he was cool for about a day, if you play vs bum squads or offline he can hit limitless threes. Most good players extend pressure on him, and he’s too slow to to create his own shots.

All the guards and small forwards are missing quick draw and can’t hop and skip around the paint like giannis or have the ability to wreck you off the dribble like Shae-gilgeus, so I don’t know why I would want one of these.

George Gervin on paper looks nice, but I hear he has 0 animations.

I got a million point guards including ISiah with quick draw.

Bob love isn’t very good, they took away all his animations and ability to dribble. That’s was what made him so op in the post last year for being undersized.

I’ve never been a huge Patrick Ewing fan or of his cards. Plus I’m almost 100% certain we will get a better one in legacy series 2. So don’t buy this card.

I’m not trying to be negative, I just feel like there’s rubies and amethyst better than every single pink diamond token reward card. Definitely diamonds.