Best park build

What do you guys think is the best park build ? the build that you would be happy to play with and not dodge the queue when you see it ? a post scorer ? a pure lockdown ? what is it? I would like to know

I made a pure stretch four. I’m pretty happy with the build and I think it’s good for park.

As long as guards pass the ball and that is rare nowadays lol.

Pure sharp
Pure sharp
Stretch big

Just double screen everyone flare out pop a 3 in their face. Let it green light and do your jump shot landing. Message them that their trash after

Then hop off at the sight of a 90 ovr player

Go and love your 100-12 record that no one else cares about

Or you can have fun with whatever build you want


If you want to be a desirable player that randoms want to play with, a big man will always be best. A stretch 4 seems to be the best stretch big build, that would be my #1 recommendation. If not that, then some kind of glass cleaner build.

Randoms don’t like post scorers. You won’t really get the ball. Athletics are fine, but you have to be good at spacing the floor, and moving offball. Otherwise you just kill floor spacing, and let your teammates get doubled teammed.

If you want to be a guard, then some kind of sharp build will always be wanted. Stay away from shot creators/playmakers. Everyone in the world wants to be the primary ball handler. There’s always too many of those builds running around.

Slasher guard builds are the worst IMO. Obviously, they can be useful in the right hands, but most of the time, those guards don’t know how to space the floor, and just bring a bunch of double teams to teammates.

I’ve played park with randos since like 2k16. I run randos 95% of the time. Just remember, that if you pick a helper build, so that you can be more popular with randos, it also means, you won’t be getting the ball a ton with randos, and be expected to do all the dirty work (offball movement, rebounds, screens, floor spacing).

There’s always going to be a balance there. If you want to go full kobe, just be a shot creator, and hope for good teammates. It’s a struggle being allowed to bring up the ball though, if you don’t have solid stats/records in Park. I don’t care about stats/records in a show off sense. But I do care about it, because it makes it easier to find teammates if you don’t play with a squad.

Edit: Lockdowns. Lockdown bigs aren’t worth it IMO for rando park play. Only really needed for comp play, against dominate bigs. Otherwise, you’re wasting the build against other big men who aren’t gonna touch the ball. Lockdown at PG/SG/SF is always helpful though. But again, you’ll need to a threat on offense somehow, or else you’ll just be a detriment to your teammates letting them get doubled.


Very informative :+1:

I would just add, that I found a good way to get the ball as a post scorer. Run with lower rated randoms. High 70s/low 80s are often quite good players grinding it out, but on the other hand they understand that when I am way higher rated, they give me touches. Especially if I succeed on first one or two postups, screen for them, I have a guaranteed support, if I ask for the ball down low.

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thank you mate, this was really helpful, I think I will go a rebounding athletic or an athletic rebounder, I think this would work for playing with randoms what do you think ?

100% agreed. I use post scorers every year, and this helps a lot. You can also just bring the ball up the court after rebounds to get yours, as a post scorer. If you are good enough, your teammates might even get the hint. But that’s more of an advanced park move. If you bring it up as a big man, and fuck up, your teammates are gonna hate you.

Same with a ball handler build. I always prefer playing with 60-70 OVR guys when I’m using my pure SC. I can go full Kobe with that build and when your teammates let you/need you to, it’s one of the most fun things to do in the game.

Yeah that’s a great park build for randoms. Just remember, floor spacing will be dictated by you with randoms.

Make sure you are doing the right things offball. Set screens for the ball handler. If he is a moron, and doesn’t use them, try and set some offball screens for your other teammate. That way, the ball handler gets ISO spacing, and it’s way harder for help to come during those offball actions.

Just stay a threat offball with screens/cutting. Or set up around midrange to space the floor, if you notice your teammates moving a ton, and see you need to be stationary for the possession.

Try not to post up offball too much, as it can clog the paint. It’s good for offensive rebounds though, so you’ll have to get a feel for teammates. If they are chuckers, you can camp down low for offensive boards. If they like to dribble and find a lane, you will def need to set screens and/or spot up from a midrange spot you like.

thanks a lot for your help, but I need to ask you one last thing, i know i’ve asked a lot, so the thing is do I really need to put " rebounding in the center build ? " the thing is i’m going to get rebounds because of height / weight anyway, i’m gonna make him 7.3 max weight, so instead of rebounding athletic, I was thinking of making a post scoring athletic, since i’m gonna get the rebounds anyway, do you get my point ?

Yeah that’s fine. If you are good at rebounding, you don’t need a glass cleaner. I have no issues on the glass in park with my 7’0” stretch 4.

Post scoring athletic finishers are monster builds for sure. But make sure you have a handle of the power post moves, or else using post for your secondary arch will be a waste (post scoring athletic is basically a Shaq build, so just make sure you know how to dominate down low with a player like that).

Personally, I much prefer shot creating athletic finishers. Less fun than a post scoring athletic. But way more valuable/versatile off-ball, with the solid midrange you get.

I personally try and stay away from slasher builds in general for park. I’ve never once saw a slasher teammate and got excited. It’s always “fuck, I hope he knows what to do off-ball, or else I’m getting doubled all game”. But if you know what to do you’ll be good. Just try not to play with other random slashers when you can avoid it, because spacing will be rough.

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What I’ve seen that cause the most matchup issues is:

Pure Sharp/Play Sharp if they have low dribble skills
Pure Lock/2way Sharp if they can’t shoot well
Pure Stretch PF/2way Stretch if they’re a fire shooter

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