Best Paint beast build?

Currently play on a 7”1 Shooting glass lock
Wanting to try a paint beast as they seem to be the death of me in games

I went max height, max wingspan, but I forget weight. I assume I just looked at speed/strength thresholds and went for a sweet spot.

I have very few badges on this build, but I still bring him out for 1 on 1 park events sometimes, and he is absolutely dominant. I can’t imagine how good he would be if I bothered to grind him at all.

I lost zero games of 1 on 1 the last time I used him for a 1 on 1 park event (ante up is a dif story though, def need to be grinded out to dominate there).

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I’ve played against Paint beasts that can shoot also it’s a Joke! Literally I can’t find the sweet spot for attributes etc

Doesn’t help that I play 3s a lot and sometimes 2s though

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I believe the 6’10 interior will unlock all contacts at 98(?) ovr. 6’9 will have it all the time.

Speed>Slow 7’3 giant if you play 3s a lot

Def use a 7’3 post scorer if u tryna play 1s


Ah I got you. It gonna depend on game mode. The build I gave is for 1v1. Pure post scorers are always the best build for that.

For 2s/3s, I like using my slashing rim (red/blue). I went 7’0” for the 75 driving dunk threshold.

You still get like 28 defensive badges or something crazy on this build. I didn’t see a real advantage for the pure red chart for bigs, because of this.

Post stats will only be around 80, so not a dominant 1 on 1 build. But it’s an elite build to defend, and set screens/rim run.

As much as my sharp/rim PF is more “meta”, I find this build makes a much bigger impact on games, with its crazy defense and offensive rebounding.

This build gets me like 20 boards a game in pro-am, and you still have decent finishing abilities.

I personally don’t think a pure blue chart paint beast is worth it, unless you’re going for the 1 on 1 post scoring type of build.

yeah and even then i see people do the slash/sharp pie so they can abuse hooks and fades

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Yeah, exactly. If you’re gonna go for a smaller paint beast build, I’d def go with green/blue chart to be an all around offensive big mean threat.

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I don’t believe it’s meta (sharp rim )
On comp stage everyone run fast inside centers to hedge on PNR and set big body’s .
I’m a guard and I love a fast center to play D and to roll once we get the switch .
GeeSice have a very good paint beast build I think


Ahh good to hear. I’ve been out of the park loop the last month or so. And I honestly got really bored of that sharp rim.

Maybe that was more of a 2s build early on. Happy to not touch that build again…

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6’8 pure lock SF. Thank me later.

I bet! I’ve seen one on the park!

I’ve had good luck in rec with this build: