Best Packs?

I have 110k vc. What packs should I open now?

The only packs worth opening is the Magic packs but they’re ass

You will lose most of it opening the Anniversary packs unless you strike gold and hit Kobe or Magic.

The odds are pretty low and the cards you get when you don’t get Magic/Kobe are pretty worthless.

Probably better to wait and open during first hour of new promo drop. There’s nothing in moments pack right now either, so definitely don’t open those

Would it be worth it to just open some buck king packs, and just take the decent amount of MT?

What are you trying to achieve? Just rip packs for fun? You will probably end up down either way, but probably will have more left with the Kings Bucks packs.

The best things that you can get out of the Anniversary packs are besides Kobe/Magic are diamond shoes/contracts(not likely), Amy Draymond(13 K) and amethyst base players which are down in value from the Anniversary packs.

If you want to roll the dice and hit it big the Anniversary packs are better.

Well I would love to pull a big player, but also just trying to get some easy MT

Is there gonna be a new promo soon?

Your guess is as good as mine. Magic packs just dropped so earliest would be late next week is my guess. Also can wait for a good moments card or the new throwbacks too which should be happy sooner

If you actually want MT I wouldn’t open packs.

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Why not? Am I just not supposed to use vc I already have?

Something I’ve wondered about for a while is whether or not those 2.8k VC/league packs have a higher expected MT/pack due to the high price of silvers. Those league packs go up to emerald tier players, so perhaps you’d have a better shot at getting silvers.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but it’s something worth thinking about.

so I just got nba2k19 and have 100k VC, which packs should I buy ? should I get me the additional 2k VC so I can afford one of the super duper deluxe 20 something packs?


Wait till kobe packs come out

Give it a couple of days

Best packs are the MJ Anniversary ones, because they hold the most value, but also have the worse odds. There’s no moment cards out at this time either.

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Let us know what u get tho. Might get 3 mjs being a new player lol

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bought a box of 10 jordan packs.

1st pack: amy luol deng
2nd pack: emerald aaron gordon
3rd pack: emerald tobias harris and emerald tyreke evans
4th pack: gold rondae hollis-jefferson
5th pack: sapphire andre drummond and sapphire clint capela
6th pack: ruby chris paul
7th pack: emerald tobias harris
8th pack: emerald tobias harris (srsly, dafuq?)
9th pack: ruby derrick rose
10th pack: gold jusuf nurkic

You really pushing these Kobe packs :joy::joy::joy: