Best packs to open currently?

Best packs to open currently?

I know that these Flash Pack 2 cards look nice and look like they will be really pricey( due to the cards in the set and the amount of tokens to lock for). So I’m curious to see what the odds are looking like for these and other packs rn. Which ones are best for making MT off of or for opening for the best cards currently?

Don’t rip packs. Save your money.


i was waiting for this lol

I just need to know tho regardless. I want to see what packs are even worth it rn regardless of whether i buy with vc or mt lol

It all on your luck. Some people can open two singles and pull pd and some people like my friend pull 400k and get 3 josh and plenty of jimmer . Before he pulled packs be pulled hakeem so I guess he luck ran out pulling pd.

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I see allot of people pull with vc since it real money vs mt but I pull alot of cards using mt.

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The odds are disclosed now. They cant be changing it without risking losing a giant lawsuit. Even if they could still manipulate them freely, the input of 14 people is statistically meaningless. It’s a lotto ticket. Buy the one with the player you want!

Singles if anything

I opened one 10 box of the spotlight packs with the free VC from an Xmas promo. Got a Hakeem and Jason Terry.

The odds for flash packs seem terrible, and only 2 players are going over 100k right now. I wouldn’t bother with them

I opened 15 Flash pack singles, got nothing.

Dont rip, support Knezius shop :heavy_multiplication_x: :billed_cap:

These odds are historically bad :joy: :sob:

I’ve been opening lame duck packs lately!

LOL: Same thing here! Out of 15 packs. there should be at least 1D and 1PD.

These packs are :poop: I aint opening anymore.

Take a look at this:
less than 2 percent you can get a 93+ player.
Yesterday someone told me, to get a JR card, you probably need to open 12 big boxes(240 packs)

Those odds seem accurate because I usually pull bronze, silver, or sapphire more often than any other cards. Ems too!

Nah they had a loophole that said odds were subject to change at the bottom of the press release.