Best pack luck you’ve ever had?

I once pulled a limited vince first box. I ended up getting 800k for him. How about you guys?

Opened so many packs from glitching.

Best pulls were t mac and diamond jordan when he came out from mt singles lol


aka none

I had great luck with anniversary 2 packs, pullled 2 of each except AD on day 1. Since then it’s been dry except the other day pulled 2 birds in one box

Pulled 2 Shaqs in 20 packs

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Pulled 2 PD Celtics Kyrie and PD Hill on release day of those packs. Managed to get at least 600k from em

Pulled diamond pg13 when @star5CR34M told me packs were hot


Pulling GO Beidrins 1st pack of 2k20.


Pulled 5 of the pd arenas cards out of two 20 boxes minutes after the release. Got just over 1m mt for the sale

Yesterday. Opal LBJ and 2 PD in one 20 box.


I remember I spent $180 to get that pd card

Just saw someone pulled GO Siakim in the queue so I tried a few playoff moments with MT and got Kawhi!! Def thought Vanvleet or Lowry :crazy_face::money_mouth_face:

GO DRob. 2nd pack out of the token market.

In 2K17 I got Iverson as a topper and like 4 other high value diamonds in one box. In 2K18, I got in early on the Celtic-Gate thing, and I was pulling diamond Celtics every other pack for about 30 minutes. This year I’ve had a few boxes with some good shit in them, and “lucked out” a few times coming home from the road, signing on after extended time away, and opening packs with the algo on my side lol.

Whole year pack luck :innocent:
Packed my way through GO Giannis and more


Few days ago, in my first box of throwback moments. PD Rip Hamilton, and back to back Opals (Bird and Moses)! All in the first 5 packs, best box i ever had!

DRob with 4 singles. I’m almost 200 without opal since then :roll_eyes:

G’d up buying some MT to grab PD MJ was waiting and had some VC so I ripped and pulled MJ anyway. Other then that though, it’s been a hella dry season.

I pulled a PD from the PD Pack last week. That’s about it


Pulled luka on my last single