Best non opal perimeter defender?

Whos the best perimeter defender in the game whos not an opal?

Probably Iguodala- has all the right attributes and badges, including bruiser.


Iggy was first to come to mind. Gerald Wallace Amy. ’ best ’ / ‘elite’ defenders are hard to come by… PD Pascal or BIG D Draymond, AK

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Iggy. Millsap also amazing, he can defend 1 thru 4 and cheap AF.

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Milly rock with Pauly my eq champion

PD Lonzo for PG

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PD Cowens , PD AK47 , PD Zo, Amy Wallace, Ruby Smart, Ruby Isaac, Ruby Stevenson,

That pd Moncrief in the token market is something else man. Diamond Josh Smith can still clamp just about anyone on the perimeter


Eddie Jones got great picks and D. Jonathan Issac. Deshaun Stevenson? J Smooth

PD AK47 > Iggy

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Iggy is better off ball d than AK imo

Iggy and Siakam

For base 11 spammers how could you not go PD Giannis? He gets a red contest on nearly every shot

Iggy or AK, pick your poison.

How could the goat perimeter defender Bill Russell be forgotten?

Iggy, Pippen, Bobby Jones lol

I’m surprised no one mentioned ak47 but happy yall mentioned my brother lonzo ball

PD 97 Kawhi has also been a beast for me

PD AK47 can lock up most wings for me. Pair him with a defensive coach and it’s like you put the guy he’s guarding in a straitjacket

Like 5 people said ak