Best new player to add HOF Blinders to for a profit?

Looks like the new Luka and KD don’t have Steady Shooter/Blinders and I’ve got that HOF badge sitting in my inventory. Which do you guys think is the better buy so I can put that badge on them and potentially flip for a profit to a rich next gen user?

KD without a doubt.

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Appreciate the advice. Got a KD for 655K last night, put Blinders and Lob City Finisher on him and he sold this afternoon for 900K. About 150K profit on a badge I didn’t want since I’m on current gen


Jeeeeez guess I’ll be putting some late bids up tn

I got a bit lucky on my bid. It was in a cluster of 4 ending within about 2 minutes of each other. The other 3 went for just over 700K, which is where I put my bid. Won the card and got 45K back

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That is the key badge he is missing for nextgen.