Best NBA Rookie cards to invest in for 2019-20

So I’ve decided to make this because I know some people investing in different rookies this year.
I’ve got a bunch of buddies investing in this stuff as I am too, and here’s my picks:

Ja (I’ve got a ton of Ja and a few for Zion but mostly my biggest collection of rookies is likely of ja tbh all from packs)
Tyler Herro( I got his auto last christmas)
Eric Paschall
Keldon Johnson
Kendrick Nunn( I’ve got a few of those no name optics of his i believe)
Matisse Thybulle
Coby White
RJ Barrett( likely a player whos only going to keep improving imo)
Rui Hachimura(another top rookie im collecting a ton of)
Bol Bol?

Other Year Rookies:

Luka Doncic ( I got his silver prizm and that thing is very expensive rn)
Gary Trent Jr( since the nba bubble thing started lol)
Giannis( could’ve made a lot of money off of Giannis RC’s under 1000 before the pandemic started tbh)
Lebron Obv but those are rare asf
MJ obv
KOBE: His prices are only continuing to rise after his death. However do I feel comfortable buying his cards to make money? Not at all because I’d be profitting off it and honestly I’d rather not do that.

Any guys who you think are good investments leave a comment.

Anyways these are some I’m investing in and honestly the amount of cards I have I never spent too much on and have a really good amount of tbh.

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just because of name lonzo is a good one and i think lamelo will be too

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Lamelo is one I’m honestly gonna spend a bit into investing in imo

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Jaylen Brown/Tatum

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Next years class is very good imo to invest in i feel.

Ahh yea i forgot jaylen

Dbook not on ur list :thinking:

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Ffs I forgot him and De’Andre too.

And Ice Trae

This years rookie stuff is so expensive already I don’t really pay it any mind. Zion prices are insane.

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There’s a few I forgot bc it was bc i was typing it up quick lol. Theres still a few im missing as well.

Michael porter JR as well

I got the Emergent Zion Prizm and one Ja RC Prizm base plus an optic base and a bunch of hoops stuff

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I have a couple Divencenzo, Luka, Oubre, NAW (pels), Porz, DLO, and a shit ton of Book and Lavine :fist:

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I got a Divencenzo as well im holding onto and as well a DeVonte Graham

I was into cards way, way back and I just came back again a few days ago and started to search and learn about it. Participated in a recent box break, chose the Bulls and got a couple of Coby White and Daniel Gafford. I thought the Bulls is a good choice and investment given the young talent they have, new coach and system in the horizon.

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