Best mycareer builds?

I’m thinking of messing around with some mycareer. Haven’t touched it at all this year. Any tips?

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Yeah I have a fair bit of knowledge on my career. What do you want your player to be able to do? Big/guard/wing? Playing with randoms or with people you know?

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I don’t have anyone to play with just yet so any build really. Since I play lots of myteam any position i’m comfortable with. What’s good this year?

here for pro am, pretty accurate

If you have joystic skills, playsharp is the most fun build to play but there is a big learning curve.

I’m definitely down with the sticks. Would you say that build is the best? I was trying to figure out what’s better this year. pure builds or mix.

Pure build are usualy nice. what build do you think of ?

Playsharp / shotmaker are only efficient if you know how to momentum combo and stuff in my opinion, if not you rather use a pure shot creator

I was going to either make a pure shot creator guard or a post scoring center

there is no “best build” depend what you want to do , park 2v2, 1v1 , 3v3 , stage pro am ?

pure shot creator is realy noobfreindly to use and realy good because you can do everything : hit 3, dunk, and obviously make 2s like nobody. But you can’t speedboost.

They are realy good for play 2s and 3s, okay for pro am

Pure post scoring is the best build for stage 1v1 and can be realy good in 2s but if you play rec dont even consider this, because ppl wont pass you the ball, most of the offense are run by guards. And the spacing gonna be bad anyway so you wont be able to make ur post move because the meta is “shoot 3” fast pace

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Pure shot creators are pretty good, I’d make him 6’4 with minimum or default wingspan. You will have to make like two shots to be able to momentum and all, but it’s not a big deal. You also don’t really need to be good at dribbling, as long as you have someone to set screens for you. If you have any inside centers on your friends list, they’re best to run with.

The post scorer is pretty good too, as long as you know basic post moves (drop steps, step backs, up and unders, etc.) I would recommend a 7’3 with max weight and wingspan. You can make a shot creating post scorer if you want hof difficult shots, and to be a bit more versatile. You can also go with a 7’0 post scoring shot vreator at power forward. You’ll be pretty well rounded with mid 60’s speed, and a decent three ball. You’ll also get catch and shoot and corner specialist on bronze.

If you want any advice on animations and all, just send me a pm. I have a post scorer, and a shot creating playmaker, so I know both the builds pretty well.

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From reading what’s been said above, I’d look at a pure shot creator or if you want to up your shooting OR dunking, both sharp shots and slashing shots are great all around builds that just move the pure shot slightly towards having a speciality. Sharp shot will be a better pro am build and off ball player if you find good teammates but has the ability to handle a little bit. I’d go 6’8 for a sharp shot, 6’6 for a pure shot and probably 6’8 for slashing shot.

If you’re looking at a post scoring big man, 7’3 max everything pure post is great, but if you want some more mobility make a 7’ PF shot post or sharp post. Shot post is an amazing build at PF and probably my most fun build this year, sharp post gives you silver shooting badges so can reliably stretch the floor when needed.

Haven’t played career in like a month, but I got what I think is the best overall scoring build in the game and noone can convince me otherwise. :grin:
The only downside is that you need to get it to at least 94, preferably 96 ovr.

Sharpshooting shot creator SF. But not min weight as it’s suggested here, but 240.
6’8 240, same as Melo for example.
I average like 27/3/3 in rec with nearly 90% winrate. Also really deadly in park, but I didn’t play much park this year.
Default wingspan.

Hof scoring badges (difficult, tireless, midrange, tear)
Gold shooting (catch, corner, deep) with silver limitless.
Silver slashing badges and even silver dropstep with gold up under.
Bronze def stopper and ankle breaker.

It’s the most versatile scoring build because it can literally do everything.
Default wingspan.
81 3pt, 90 midrange
76 across the board for dunking with 82-84 layup (you can get all layup packages and giannis dunks)
73 ballc and passing
78 post ratings
72 rebound
73 lateral, 70 vertical
75 speed, low 70 strength can’t really remember the number, think it’s 73

And the best thing, with sharp-shot double takeover all offensive stats (3pt, mid, dunk, layup, ballc, post) get boosted. So as you’re filling the meter everything’s increasing. With half the meter I constantly green post fades.
With that strength rating noone under 6’8 that’s not a primary defender/slasher can guard you. I can literally dropstep your average minweight shooters/shot creators 90% of the time.
Great rebounding for the size because of high strength and boxout ratings.

Or you can go completely other way around and make a 6’9 pure lockdown.
Then enjoy making everyone’s day miserable.

This man speaks a lot of facts. One thing though, In my opinion I wouldn’t make a 6’9 lock… 6’8 SG for better floor spacing and badging or if you’re going SF go all the way to 6’10.