Best MT Player

On my ass at home quarantined and still getting paid, lets chop it up

Best myteam card? Best myteam 2k player? What are you asking exactly?

Best card I think is Ben Simmons, Kirilenko and Kareem. All are difference makers.

I really wanna try the Opal Bird but I think that I’m going to stay true to my decision to not upgrade cards I have locked in at PD.

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He’s calling the best my player on this site.


My team

Best mt card/player however you want to call it.


I would still say GO Jordan. No one else has his combo of god-tier defense and scoring ability


Diamond Earl Monroe

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Still PG Giannis for me. His size at the point and his animations make him unguardable in the right hands.

Thinking wether or not I should sell glitched Giannis. If I do that i can get GO Tmac and GO KD

Tmac best by far

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You’ll get 100 different answers.

For me its Opal Kareem.

Opal Pippen.

Good call. I’m still rocking that PD TMac. Even now he’s deadlier than most opal SGs.

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Best player on my team right now is Ben