Best moments cards

Any recommendations for cheap and effective moments cards.

I really like emerald Stauskas. Anyone play with the ruby Vucevic?

Ruby Vucevic has a really long release and defense is trash

The sapphire DeAngelo is dope, and the Ruby Zach Lavine

Try Lopez, amazing release

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Sapphire Kyle Kuzma.

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Diamond Kemba

PD Kemba

Di Lebron for sure.

Klay. no question about it.

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I’ll second Lopez. His rebounding is truly awful, but his catch and shoot 3 is money all day.

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Moments Rose what a goat

Steph is the best by alot


Moments E’twuan Moore

Is the Best Moments “Quick-sell Card” By a Mile

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I went on like a 20 game win streak in tto online with Ruby vucevic a few days ago. People seem to think he can’t shoot and he doesn’t miss. I was also using amy fox who gets to the rim at will

Sapphire D’Angelo Russel is the goat. 93 rate in all 3 point category. Limitless, deep range, and catch & shoot badge. Best budget player in the game right now.

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That Ruby Vucci Mane is a monster.

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I forgot to say, Brook lopez should be playing at the 2.