Best method to make mt?

hey all, what’s your best ways to make mt this year. I used to do alot of evo a ruby and then sell the diamond but not as profitable anymore. Looking for new methods.

what do you guys do in terms of game modes/maybe snipes etc. MT buying don’t count haha

Shoes can be the way to go.

I made a lot of MT this past weekend on Under Armors

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Literally everything. You just have to spend time to learn what goes at what price and you’ll get the hang of this. Could be badges (some certain ones are expensive and not just the gold ones), their prices may fluxuate so buy when they’re cheap, sell when they get rare and expensive. Could be some rare older cards. Could be snipes of opals or PD’s. Some shoes as well. Shoe boosts.

Lucky you said mt buying doesn’t count. I was definitely about to say get hired at Amazon for a week and use all the money for Mt :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve had pretty good success lately working the AH. I don’t know exactly but I think I’ve made around 300k in two weeks or so. Not the most but you can get some.

Snipe cheapest player , boring but pretty effective , some rare golds can reach +5k

any sniping filters you always do? I know i would be your competition but any help is great haha. I hate just resorting to only making mt by playing games. Tryna work smarter not harder even when it comes to 2k LOL

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Just now I picked up some season set rubies for 2700 MT. Those sell for 6-9k. I don’t really have go-to filters. I just search up random shit and usually find smth of value. You could hard scope certain players or tiers (opal) or expensive badges but I get bored if I get no search returns for 2 minutes.