Best Lineup possible

Your feedback on the best 13 man squad that you can get. (exclude Giannis and Simmons)

Giannis and Ben are my two PGs, but if i didn’t use them this would be my 13 man squad

PG: GO Limited Jordan
SG: GO Durant
SF: GO Limited Lebron
PF: GO Shaq
C: GO Dikembe

PG: GO Limited Kobe
SG: GO Kawhi
SF: GO Paul George
PF: GO Hakeem
C: GO Yao

Melo, J.R., Kareem

edit: Forgot Kareem, lol

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Ωραίο Σκουάντ.My take would be.
PG:GO Lebron / GO Tracy Mcgrady
SG:GO Paul George / GO Klay Thompson
SF:GO Kawhi Leonard / GO Kevin Durant
PF:GO Anthony Davis / GO Hakeem Olajuwon
C: GO Shaquille O’neal / GO Yao Ming
Bench Warmers :stuck_out_tongue:
Derrick Rose,Kevin Garnett,Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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If I didn’t use Giannis and Simmons this would be my lineup…

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Limited MJ-Melo-Butler-Kareem-Sabonis

11-13: Arenas-Scal-Hakeem

Other potential 11-13: Durant, PG13, Mutombo, Kawhi, Limited Bron, CWebb, DRob, Russell

Whichever players you personally like the most

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