Best Lineup in the Game in Your Opinion?

image personally if i had to run one team to win the highest amount of games id probably run this. what team can beat this?


I’m taking goat Magic, Kobe and Hakeem over Bron, pg13 and Embiid personally. Everything else matches your squad

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TMac at the 2 , GOAT Magic at the 1, Replace PG with Kawhi

If MT wasn’t a problem this would be my squad. I actually may go for wade and ad now since I really have nothing else to do for my team

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That PG is not even on the same level as Opal Kawhi

I never said it was. I’m literally replacing PG on the bench with Kawhi. TMac is the starting SG and Kawhi is the bench SG.

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I like Bron and Kawhi because I like to pro 8 tween on down the court and Siakim for pro 2 tween. Opal D Wade for 3 point hunting. Everything the same outside of replacing Tmac with Opal Wade

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Thon and a bunch of bums that stand still


Everything’s so OP at this point so really up to the player but this is my dream team. Too bad dwade and ad are such a force to get.

T Mac - Kawhi - Bird - Giannis - Kareem would be the ideal lineup imo