Best Layup Animation?

Which one do you guys think is the best?

I’m a point guard and am thinking between Jamal Crawford and Westbrook.

Can you do long athlete?

Because that ones my favorite for sure.


Yeah! What’s so good about it?

Just doesn’t do weird flashy easily blockable stuff. Nice clean takes, with minimal windows for swattage.

My guys a slasher too so I do a LOT of layups.

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Just don’t pick Gervin that’s a block party but gotta agree with my guy blunty you do a lot of cheesy unblockable layups with that 1


@MrBlunty @Kmart thanks guys!

yeah I saw the gervin one bc that was avail to me first and it looked horrendous. it’s sad when they do such a good player like gervin dirty

Harden has felt good and there is one layup in the kyrie that sucks

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I like hardens the best on a guard.

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Another vote for long athlete. It’s the Giannis layup package.


i been using wb for a minute

stockton flips it up off the backboard pretty quickly

His pink Diamond dribbles like a center