Best Inexpensive Shoe For Tmac

Just wanted to let everyone know there are 2 gold shoes that are perfect for Tmac

Green and purple curry 3s
+5 driving layup
+5 stamina
+5 lat quickness

  • Sharp Slash Takeover

Black curry 4s
+5 3pt open
+5 stamina
+5 lat quickness

  • havent tested this yet but believe its Sharp Slash or Sharp shot

Theres a ton of gold shoes that are underrated. Curry has a ton and the yellow pg 13s are crazy good too.

But I thought he was overrated overpriced bum :thinking:

Haha shoko youre funny man. No need to get defensive of pixels.

Ive never once said hes a bum. Hes literally always good but people were paying 440k plus for a BASE card. Thats insane. I got him for 340k with diamond contract badged out and i still think it might be too much.

Hes really fucking good but yeah his stamina is weak as hell but if you get him to 95 thats solid. Hes just not the demi god he always is bc so many good cards are out and hes just an equal to a lot of other op cards

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i’m just joking man

I think 350k for base it’s fair price because this card is not only good, he is super fun aswell

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I put those Jordans on him that boost off dribble 3 and stuff… only like 10k