Best Highflyers

Who do y’all think has the best dunk packages in the game so far. From the players I’ve used, limited Kareem has done the nastiest dunks for me. I’ve also seen my opponents’ Moses Malone pull off some filthy dunks. Who y’all think? :eyes:

Mj has some great ones. As does giannis

Diamond Shaq has a mean dropstep dunk, especially when he does the balls in your face animation.

PD Griffin has some nice ones - he did a mean double clutch reverse dunk once.

Diamond Howard catches pretty much everything on a lob - it’s impressive how high he can jump, and his player model is huge.

Will agree with @raptorsbenchmob about Giannis - his breakaway dunk is crazy, because he’s so long. But he’s also missed a few ones for me, surprisingly, but it’s my fault I tried to dunk on like 3 people.


I mean its hard not to wanna try and cram everything with giannis. His euro dunk is CHEESE lol

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Oh yeah how could I forget about blake. He got some mean dunks in his arsenal too.

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Im pretty sure limited arenas has some form of like Tmac Dunk packages. For some reason pippen does some nasty shit, and of course vince and blake throwdown.


Im still using saph Kobe from time to time

Sapphire TMac. Can’t wait for a Diamond/PD.

Dia Iggy…


Does anyone notice that upgrading dunk via shoe/coach unlocks new dunks? I swear Kareem does crazy shit when I use Dantoni


Blake Hill and Giannis. Esp Giannis cuz he does it so quick

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Limited General Asian-Fusion Hibachi.


Giannis, MJ, Bron

Giannis, Kareem, hibachi, Lj surprisingly

Clyde, MJ, Blake, J Rich…

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Amy J Rich crams Ruby Miles Di pippen has some nice posters too

Kobe and Blake

Diamond iggy went for a poster 180 between the legs dunk on Gilbert arenas last night in TTO. I cried when he bricked that shit. Wouldn’t matter though because you can’t see highlights in TTO playing this wack ass game…

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Good Lord lmao

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I felt like a kid on Christmas when he went for the animation and of course 2k ruined it by causing me to brick the dunk. At least I know he has it in him lol