Best guard now in 2k He starts streaming this year and he is the best right now in the stage … lot at the views …
Playing comp stage which isn’t attractive like park
He is amazing playing the game , as a streamer isn’t my cup of tea

is this @dnttalktomeh


never heard of him

not to hate but lets see him beat some vets before you say he is the best guard in the game tho :sweat_smile:

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He beats everyone
Even BP have quit to play him

I miss him here ahah

Oh my goodness this kid is fucking insane


Splash tweeted about him too :rofl:the guy is insane no one have done something like this on comp stage since existence :joy:

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Did you see that shot he just hit to make it 20 vs BP?

Bruh what lol how

Ye :rofl:and he is streaming for 16 hours
He is impossible to guard


What about poorboysin, hankdatank, Fanta, kriszeetee, etc

There Fanta is the only that remains in the comp scene …
All the others just play park for content
At least for now

@508G37 didn’t say DNT was the best. DNT did. :rofl:

Definitely I need to work on my dribbling :pleading_face:

Ye dribbling is so good , but you can start doing some things without too much practice
I hope they don’t nerf dribbling for next gen

Yeah, I’m always a good ball carrier for my teammates. But these dribblings + my inherent high IQ = Uuuuuuuuh mama.

I want to learn combo some things with that spin to the 3pt line. It’s a killer move with tight defenses

The best guard in EU right now is for sure @Pedronqneves

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Ye , top park player :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Put some time you can get there easily High IQ shots only

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