Best gaming PC for 700 or less, want to build my own

I do want to build my own.

it’s a bad time to be buying gaming PCs

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build your own



I know I just started saving it will take a while

yes, you must.

Absolutely not. No. No way in hell. No way on Earth. God not willing. I refuse.


Building my own pc was probably the most fun thing I’ve done all year

God damnit

Im not building my own. This is my first PC ever and I just want to stream minecraft on twitch

well, if u build ur own pc, minecraft will look better
i think
can you even change minecraft graphics?

building pc’s is easy. its cheaper and better performance wise too

You often meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it.

I dont care how minecraft looks, I dont even use shaders.

Im closing this thread and just reading articles you guys are so unhelpful.

we are giving advice

yes but I specified i will not build my own.

huh ok have fun reading articles

OP have you bothered to utilize any type of search engine beyond 2KG?