Best game to do Diallo moments challenge?

What do you think? Started only a week ago, so not sure if people did it in different challenges before. Maybe Swen Nater spotlight challenge?

Easiest to do in Rookie Domination challenge (I think it was Washington’s where this is easy). Match him up to the center and then use a gold center and PF to help make the rebounds easier. You should be able to get rid of a few other challenges/agendas at the same time.

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I did it with the Swan Nater challenge, personally I use that very often, I think it is the best for rebounds and blocks (got like 12 blocks in a game with the diamond Soaring guy!)

I also use it for steals

to me, rebounds (and blocks) are easier in that challenge than in rookie Dom


I usually do one of the weekly triple threat challenges where you have to get 60 points. Choose 2 smaller guards and then get in front of the opponent’s center whenever someone attempts a shot. Diallo was difficult for me because of his god-awful shot but you should probably get it done in a try or two

I have not thought about going back to that challenge for steals. I will give it a try tonight. Thanks!

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Done on the first try in Swen Nater challenge in the end (plus got his double double). Didn’t even have to shoot bricks for offensive rebounds, two non-shooters means you can easily chase rebounds.

i got it done in the soarers challenge against opal donovan, pg billy, birdman.
(make sure you use players shorter than 6’5" so diallo is matched up birdman for the 14 boards)