Best freelance for Saboner?

Just picked him up wanna try out that HOF dimer :slight_smile:

Philly Elbow

Can pass to a shooter coming off double screens or a cutter

Freelance 1. He’ll b @ the high post and as soon as u pass him the ball guys will start cutting off thst pass


Freelance 1 leads to same opportunities via a different setup


:heart: freelance 1, AKA oop spam, AKA bounce city, AKA triple-doubleville. Ask @Morpheus


Freelance 1

I’ve had success with Horns and Warriors. The previous ones mentioned are all good too.

Why can’t 2k just call it princeton chin?

Some weird thing about how they could change the actual freelance but not name in menu.

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Horns is good, too. Warriors is fine but it’s easier to run stuff through him if he has his back to the defender imo. Don’t really want to do that at the top of the key.

In a nutshell lol


What deactivates this freelance? Can seem to only keep it going for a play or 2

21 delay is still the best freelance for every player

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Why do u say that?

it has actions for every position on the court…low post, high post, corner etc.

also it gives you a 4 out 1 in formation so great spacing if you want to freestlye it

These are essential in the meta… most other freelances are missing these


Freelance 1

2 Man if he is matched against a weaker opponent and game determines he is the post man. If so can just go to work in the post with all the space in the world (hint: pass it in to him deep with someone not part of the ‘two man’). Simple and quick.

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2 man is decent for pick and fades also. I just wish that other big would stay a little closer to the rim for alley oops

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Yeah Warriors isn’t good for playing through Sabonis but it has the best spacing for ISO-Sabonis getting picks and popping.

Horns is also a zone killer and those default rim running actions are so nice with the right personnel.

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5 out series he will be on the top of 3pts line. I just killed a guy running a zone while trying this serie

In case it’s of interest to anyone, I was goofing around with Sabonis and Series on auto-playcall and I got some possessions that had Sabonis as the initiator, due to his P&R Ball Handler play type.

One can of course call P&R plays for him has the BH. Which isn’t generally effective as he doesn’t have any ridiculous moves. But some of them can be interesting.

Fist 21 Delay (B), for example, is a really nice play to call for him:

  • Can have BH use his screen at the wing and take advantage of his HoF Brick Wall…and he gets a screen to cut to the top of arc for three after setting screen, so if BH draws both defenders when driving to rim, then it’s basically a wide open Pick and Pop.
  • Can have BH pass to him and then either handoff back, or wait and then lead pass to BH for cut to rim. Or if you can get Sabonis to block off the BH’s defender, can make Dimer/Flashy pass to BH who will be wide open for a corner 3.