Best Free Pack Pulls?

This year I got a diamond Coleman and yesterday I got a diamond Lebron from a free pack from ascension board

I also got a diamond adidas superstar shoe same day.

But generally trash lol


Best Pull : Trash

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I actually got PD John Wall from playing limited.
From locker codes I got. Diamond Deron Williams and Darius miles.

And tons of bronzes and Robert Horrys.

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probably silver range

Diamond magic in the free Finals pack, quick 100K profit.

Got a pd Hondo from a pack last week. Cant Remember i ever have gotten a pull like that. Yesterday i also got z’n Amy Klay from a finals pack.

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Definitely PD Wall from limited.

Today i got two amys in same pack with flash locker code pack. First is amy curry and second was amy Guerin

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Diamond paul george from ascension and HoF range extender from season 1 reward.

Diamond Larry Johnson when he first came out

Amethyst AK 47 from Flash Code Pack

amy james harden

gold range

Until last weekend I had pulled nothing. Then I pulled diamond dame and PD Garnett in back to back free packs haha

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Diamond Jason kidd and amethyst mikal jardin from free clutch packs

I got an amethyst from a promo pack but haven’t really typed in codes for about 2 weeks

amy kobe

nothing but sh*************t

ah yeah 1 amy michael cooper i guess

PD Arenas from the flash 2 weekly challenge reward pack. Also some good badges like intimidator, clamps, giant slayer and hzh.

Desmond from dunkers off wheel spin yesterday