Best filters

What are some good opal filters?

It’s limited now it’s more of enabled or you just hardscope lol

yeah almost everything is buy now or too close to snipe

Dirty secret? I’ve been on the garbage filter and people are putting some of these new opals up for less than they quick sell for.

The competition is fierce, but there’s some slow, steady profits there.

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The auction also lags on the low filter opal lol it just randomly comes with 7 snipes at once


Yeah, this is true. I missed 3 of these new opals for 500 BIN because they popped up with 3-4 others when I ran enabled/5500 max.

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i think they’re batching post requests now, so they all end up being listed on the AH at the same time


As I’ve been trolling the low filters I almost always see more than one pop up at the same time

On Xbox enabled doesn’t work for me like 75% of the time. There will be players in my price range that don’t show up

Yeah idk then… you have to set it up correctly

How do u set it up correctly

I’ll give u an example- when the ff3s came out I was gonna snipe lamelos, so I bought exam and did pg pd enabled, but it only would work up to like a certain lamelos bin price that was under a hour left. So while there were probably around 50 lamelos for under let’s say 19k, they would show up at 19k max bid and nothing would show up at 18950 max bid. I kinda wonder if others have ever experienced this and I’d love to know a way to set it up right bc I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

your not doing it wrong. the game is just broken, i had those same issues with lamelo.

i don’t remember exactly what i did with lamelo but i managed to make the scrolling a lot less from what it was. ended up buying hundreds of lamelos for under 15k and flipping for 25k

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Yeah game trash

the game is complete dogshit, but it’s the best basketball game we got

I still love it

5000 MT Opal. Quick sell the trash you find and find some gems

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how often to stuff pop up with this? i’m on ps4 btw

Every few minutes and multiple at once

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Uhhh what