Best evo PG/SG

Looking for a PG to evolve while also doing the evo for Kareem in TTO.

Any good ones?

Obviously the midget is the best person you could invest your time in getting to an opal

Havent got enough cards for him yet.

Next Pg I’m gonna evo is Rajon, which isn’t hard at all. Loved his card earlier in the year, so this one should be fun.

If you’re looking for a longer evo that’s not too difficult, go for Jrue Holiday. Goes all the way up to PD and it’s only points + assists + three pointers


Yeah Holiday is a solid option. I’d also recommend Lucius Allen but he’s a little small and only goes up to diamond


Holidays Layup animations are horrible. Gets blocked way too often. Would recommend Lucius too, if you don’t mind his lack of height.

He’s not a PG but Spotlight Iguodala is a two way stud and becomes viable at PD… Maybe Dion Waiters if had a chance to get him


Cooper is quite nice as well.
Iggi is cool, but so many rebounds are killing that

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I tried Lucius, don’t like him, his dribble animations are lame and he just feels small/slow.

Spotlight Thomas? Quite the same as the pd reward

Cooper is solid but he’s outclassed by the new D Tony Allen who is far easier to get

Jrue has my favorite release in the game and good dribbling/defense

I sniped a PD Dave Bing by accident and he was actually pretty good.

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Diamond Dave bing is a top 5-10 pg once evo’d up to pink diamond.

Another nice option is Goodrich, though his model is a bit small

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Jrue Holiday!

I’m working on Holiday and Isiah Thomas right now!

Shaun Livingston is an absolute monster and requires almost no work at all to EVO. Could not recommend him more.


Try the Fultz!