Best emerald and ruby reward cards

Best emerald and ruby reward cards

Hows kerr or legler?

how about the sapphire :stuck_out_tongue:

heard good things about legler. redeemed but haven’t used

i ment to put saPphire as well. Im looking for best budget cards

definitely get the huge bigs. Bradley. murehsan. also sura and pack are great point guards

For emerald sura is probably the best, ruby I think is ray

Legler can shoot lights out, but doesn’t have much else to offer. Bradley is a monster. That player model is just too valuable to ignore

is there a thread with best budget reward cards or cards to use for all positions

Ruby Dawkins is a beast

This thread has good intel for budget ballers and we can continue to build on it with budget baller suggestions like the ones in here. @HarryLundt is a NMS champion and can always provide excellent suggestions

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Also Ryan Anderson isn’t bad. Nice release and decent fade

Ruby Ray Allen

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I’m only up to Saphirre but faves so far are

Emerald Deng
Emerald Sura
Saphirre Muresan

Ruby Rex Chapman has been lighting it up for me. Dunks on everyone and has gold range extender, space creator, and quick first step. Easy jumper and the best pull up jumper I’ve used this year.

Ray Allen, Leandro, and Tom Chambers have also been great so far.

literally 3 of my starting 5 in historic dom

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Harper is a great defender, good playmaker, decent shooter.
Rondo is much the same just without shooting.
Bradley is a glitch.
Smith is a jack if all trades, master of none
Deng 3 & D

Avoid Kukoc, dude’s a bum.
Skiles is nice with HoF dimer.
Dikembe is good on defence.
Muresan is a glitch.
Pack is a good slashing guard.
Kmart is an ok PF, good but not great

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whats so good about sura isnt he slow compared to others

I really like using ruby antoine walker

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Sapphire McGee, Ruby Ray and Chambers. I have enough tokens for another ruby but none of them look that good.

I’ve been looking at getting Chambers or Shareef, anyone using shareef??

Same PF dilemma for me. I like how Antoine plays but thinking of trying Shareef as a back up

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