Best editing software?

I’m thinking about making a YouTube channel soon and I’ll obviously need to edit. What in your guys opinions are the best editing softwares. I’d rather not spend any money but i know a lot of the good ones cost money. So if it costs money i wouldn’t want it to be super expensive maybe a 50$ budget. If you guys could help me out I’d be great full

Best - Final Cut Pro. But you need a Mac (that is not cheap) and the software itself costs way more than $50 (you can go pirate way)…

DaVinci Resolve actually can edit, for free, even though it’s for color correction.

Premiere is good in that you can subscribe and not pay a lot up front.

FCPX has a 30-day trial.

You might want to just start off by using YouTube’s editor tools. Basic and being browser-based are inherently problematic, but free and maybe they work fine for what you will need to do.

If you’re on Windows, Windows will have a free preinstalled basic video editor. “Video Editor” in Win10.

And you can get Adobe Premiere Elements for well under $100. And there are other editing programs that you can get for $50-100 that are quite capable.

Even more capable than what you need if you simply need to do stuff like add titles, transitions, make cuts, add different media elements, record narration, etc.