Best dunk in myteam : VIDEO

So i tought this is worth a thread.

Here is the best dunk in myteam i ever saw. And the best part is it’s KP who is fucking 7.3.

So would be nice if some guys got any clip about amazing dunk in myteam

i recommend you to check this youtube video on vince carter dunk aswell

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Pretty crazy dunk

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O I can find you some dunks if YouTube stop being gay and let me screen record

i got an amazing clip with giannis aswell where i throw him an alley oop and he does the elbow vince carte dunk , almost on a guy but i dont know why i can’t upload it here…

Not in my team but with a 5 11 created player I got a free throw line dunk where he jumped over delly

Jordan has that Animation too done it a couple times

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This is the best dunk I’ve ever seen on 2k

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