Best Diamond Token Rewards?

Can’t find a thread with reviews. Already have Pau and about to get Artis. Will likely be able to get two more. Need a SF/SG more than anything but could also use backups at PG and PF. Just wanna make sure I don’t get stuck with someone with a terrible release or animations. Thanks

Bob Cousy
Richard Hamilton
Bobby jones

Bobby Jones I still might use today but mostly no, but for a budget squad, these are good, Cousy gives u elite shooting without HOF badges, plus floor general, rip is a 3&D player, easy release, good defense, Bobby Jones is a certified Giannis stopper, can lock him up in the perimeter and post


Gilmore is good , Moncrief for D , Glen rice is nice shooter

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None of them are really great, but I’ve messed around a bit with Hayward, Rice and Drazen. Drazen is a sieve defensively, but is a good shooter. Rice and Hayward are decent all around players. Not much to get hyped about honestly with any of the diamond rewards. I don’t even use them off the bench, a lot of amys and rubies play 10x better

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Maybe that’s why u think they all suck. U picked the worst ones

Rip Hamilton is great. Good release. Has clamps.

I didn’t expect it but Cous is the stand-out for me. He’s a super pesky defender and his jumpshot is money. HOF floor general is nice too

Oh Lucas is nice too. Rebounds well and has a very smooth release

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Wait he picked Hayward, Rice and Drazen. How are they the worst ones? You gotta pick 10, who else is left anyway?

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I took Murphy. He is a great pass first pg option. Good middy too. Hardaway isn’t bad. Wallace GREAT at defense

Appreciate the responses fellas. A few different opinions. Is there one or two that I definitely need to AVOID for sure? It seems it all comes down to preference but as I mentioned I wanna make sure I’m not getting dudes with 5 second shot releases or no ball handling moves at all.

Avoid all the ones with auctionable cards

Gilmore is the best by far, rip is usable if you don’t have a great team. I have enough tokens to get the last 6 i need to unlock pd but they just don’t look good enough to waste 360 tokens on

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Yeah Wallace defs plays a lot bigger than his size. They also fixed his headband so that’s nice.

I reckon they all get actionable cards tbh


That’s why I’m waiting :joy: pau and sleepy may not, but rice hayward and cousy will

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Why you saying u can’t use rip ? He is a perfect 3 and d … Lol

I think Pau gets one that will be pf/c. Maybe not a :gem: though. Could be a Grizz amy evo maybe (hoping)

I would def get Bobby but that 70 stamina is gahhh. Have you noticed him getting gassed immediately?

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Just saying there are better options

He dies in the first quarter


That’s what I’d assume. What a dumbass rating.

I would go Cousy, Rip, Hayward, and Lucas as your next 4. I would say Cousy is the best of those and Hayward or Lucas is 2nd but just pick them in order of positional need I guess

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they all suck m8. better keep ur tokens for later stage.

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