Best diamond shoe/position for Rashard Lewis

Small forward or power forward? Contested 3 and ball control or off dribble 3 shoe? I just got him and am liking him a lot

No shoe/collection.

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Sf and I would go with the off dribble three shoe

Why you say that? His dribble animations are great, he got size, and his release is smooth.

People hate on Shard for some reason. Dude is a baller and can score every single way on the court

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Word. I already got the off dribble 3 shoe on him but was tempted to get 86 ball control with higher contested 3.

put him at sf get a shoe that boost swb and bc, get a coach that boost bc and hes gonna be a god hes good bro dont listen to these ppl also he has 85 post fade at 6’10 you can dominate

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His rebounding is non-existent as PF

Tried him at the 2-4. Gets exposed at the 4…cant consistently hit shots coming off screens at the 2. 3 is where i played him…until I realized Gerald Wallace was better.

He is no longer in my lineup. Morris Peterson is so much better also.