Best diamond shoe for opal Magic?

Looking at the Lebron 16pe and weatherman for defense or the adidas pro bounce and Nike hyperdunks for spd/ball. Stotts is my coach

I used the Hardens for driving dunk and 3 ball.

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With Stotts and floor general his 3pt is 99 and driving dunk is 98

I sold Magic, Jordan, and Bird the past couple days. Had Weathermans on each and they got the highest prices in their time vicinities.

Weathermans generally get 10-15 attribute boosts on non-centers. Speed and three generally get maxed through coach, floor general and momentum

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I use Malone, no driving dunk boost.

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am I the only one who is highly skeptical that floor general works?

I made a video on it. I also saw nba 2k tutes made one and while it doesn’t show a stat boost the percentage under the player.

It improves % standing in same spot on court with defense same distance apart from shooter.

So basically if Oscar was the point and he saw Durant had 75% chance of making it.

If you had a guy with gold floor general about to make the same pass it would be 71% chance.


I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Nice work!

I’m skeptical too, but I’m gonna guess Floor General is there(as is Defensive Leader). The fact the shooting percentages show for opponents and teammates seems an indication to their existence.

My theory is the Floor General boosts don’t appear in any menu because they would show maxed shooting. It is not in 2K’s interest to show shooting already maxed, when they need to sell shoes, new improved cards, etc.

For the answer, follow the money, as they say


I went with Hyperdunks.