Best diamond shoe for melo?


Grey Mj shoe- Swb lateral quickness moving 3 shoe

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Not something for defense? Actually I guess the LQ boost does help defense

The melo shoe boost areas he lacks but not sure if its the best

I added the lateral quickness swb shoe. Because 84 Swb to 89 is pretty good, then is lateral quickness was only a 74 so + 5 helps him be a little quicker on Defense. Moving 3 because I take bad shots with melo off the dribble. Didn’t wanna use the BC shoe because he already has 93 bc. A defense shoe is really good too. Just didn’t see a pure defense shoe.

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orange cp3: driving layup (being in the 70s is a sin), contested 3 (casey doesn’t boost it), ball control, speed with ball, lat quickness

best shoe by far


Which color is it? Or is there only one cp3?

its orange

Okay, check pm

shame there isnt any on the xbox market atm

Didnt realize how rare they were

just confirming theyre jordans right?