Best Diamond Shoe for DRob?

I want to know everyone’s opinion on what would be the best shoe for PD David Robinson

3 point

I second that ^

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Played the Robinson he smacks threes as is. I could only imagine a shoe. Ima agree and say get a three ball shoe.

3pt shoe and put him as the 4. And run him with kareem. Your opponents will hate you

I’d say the Jordan that hits Open 3, Accel, PassAcc, and Hands (and Open Mid).

Yeah… I was thinking about the same thing. For sure I’m gonna add a 3pt shoe but which one exact? I have red kyrie and a Kobe AD shoe. Both of them boost open 3s, the Kobe shoe boosts SWB and driving layup as well. I’m thinking about the Kobe shoe but not sure if it’s worth it… Some one convince me to put that shoe on DRob, or save for someone else. Maybe a DI Giannis or PD AD?

What is his ball control ? If its less than 86 then u put the kyries on him. But only if it would boost him past 86

He got 65 I believe… Is the boost from 65 to 74 really that noticeable? He still cannot SB even when he’s hot

Okay so save kyries for someone else who can benefit from the boosted ball control. I mean his only weakness is 3pt right ? Whats his driving lay up and swb?

He got 93 or 94 Driving lay up, 65 SWB, I can see him getting benefits from the Kobe shoe. Actually he also only got 90 driving dunk and 80 contact dunk, so a dunk shoe would also work I suppose? Around 89 speed, accelerate and lateral quickness made the Addidas speed shoe also a great fit for him, but I’m saving that for PD KP. I’m struggling to make choices in this kind of situations lol

Id put those kobes on him. Thats just me tho. Robinson with floor stretching ability is scary lol

Save that diamond Kobe AD for. Diamond Giannis. Dear god that man with that shoe.